SHE729 - Melting Neapolitan T-Shirt

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Product information

Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan T-Shirt T-Shirt


Why Buy This Product?

  • Polish your car, then your look with this new shirt
  • Answer everyone 's question without opening your mouth
  • Look cool, stay cool on the hottest details
  • Keep your belt buckle hidden away and off your car 's paint with this long tee
  • Finally look as good as your ride

About This Shirt

Cool off in style with the all-new Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan shirt! Just like everyone 's favorite ice cream, this super breathable shirt will keep you cool during long and hot details in the summer sun so the only thing melting is the delectable frozen treat on your shirt. The 50% lighter ring-spun shirt allows your skin to breathe easily for comfortable outdoors detailing and chilling. The instantly recognizable Chemical Guys logo has been dipped in extra-bright colors to create a unique multicolor effect. We applied so much color, it literally oozes off the logo, dripping like water sliding off a newly waxed car. Next time you detail, grab the Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan shirt to keep cool and look cool all year long!


Don 't Be a Knuckle, Tuck Your Buckle!

Detailing in the wrong clothes can lead to disastrous results. Sure, that button-down filled with dozens of little llamas is stylish and all, but it can wreak havoc on your sensitive paint finish. Leaning over your car when detailing can cause buttons, zippers, embroidered logos, patches, and belt buckles to come in contact with your paint and leave ugly scratches. Luckily, the all-new Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan shirt is extra-long to cover that belt buckle of yours, ensuring that it says tucked away and off your sensitive paint. This premium shirt is also intentionally devoid of any abrasive features and is made of the softest ring-spun cotton, so you can lean over your car as much as you want without harming the finish. The black color also means that when you inevitability pick up dirt and water whilst detailing, it won 't show, ensuring you always look as cool as you feel.


Made for the Ultimate Detailer

We know soft. In fact, we made it our business to create the plushest towels, mitts, aprons, and other accessories available to detailers all over the world. Now, we've put our expertise to use once again with this new project and created the softest shirt that your skin is sure to enjoy as much as your eyes will looking at it! Made of 100% ring-spun cotton, this premium shirt is so comfortable, you won't want to take it off. The smoother and longer yarn that makes up this shirt means that it is 50% lighter and twice as soft, twice as durable, and twice as comfortable as a standard T-shirt! Perfect for detailing, for a night out, for school, work, or just for lounging around, the Melting Neapolitan shirt is comfortable, soft, and stylish for all occasions all year long!


Durable for Detailing

Detailing isn 't a desk job. You know how to get down and dirty and your clothes should too. On any given detail, you could be under a seat, in a wheel well, under the hood, or squeezing in a trunk. Cheaper, less quality clothing tends to rip and tear when stressed in the awkward positions that a detailer like you frequently find yourself in, but premium Chemical Guys shirts are built to withstand the rigors of even the most arduous detail. Next time you 're twisted and contorted in the awkward position of the day, you won 't have to worry about the durability of your new detailing uniform. Like our longest lasting sealants, the Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan shirt is made to last!


Rep the Best!

After using premium Chemical Guys products, it's not uncommon to get asked where you get your shine from everywhere you go. It's become such an issue that doctors have even coined a term for it: “Acute Shine Syndrome.” The symptoms include loss of voice from answering everyone's questions about your car, eye fatigue from looking deep into your wet mirror finish for long periods at a time, and soreness of fingers and hands from innumerable product demonstrations showing others just how easy it is to get that incredible shine. Well, now you don't have constantly answer all those inquiries with the Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan Shirt! The large, instantly recognizable logo of your favorite detailing company will do the talking for you and let everybody know the company that has your back, literally. We like making new friends too, but sometimes, you just have stuff to do and can 't be stopped 10 times a day to answer questions about the wet mirror finish on your car. Rep the company that makes your car shine with the all-new Chemical Guys Melting Neapolitan Shirt!

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Chemical Guys Canada SHE729 - Melting Neapolitan T-Shirt
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