Vacuums, Extractors, & Blowers

ACC_303 - JetSpeed VX6 Professional Surface Air Dryer & Blower
Unit price: C$60.74 /
C$60.74(Excl. tax)
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Mytee Tempo
Unit price: C$1,024.65 /
C$1,024.65(Excl. tax)
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Mytee Lite III 8070 Extractor
Unit price: C$1,698.85 /
C$1,698.85(Excl. tax)
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Metrovac SK1_CD High Speed Professional Blower With Hose
Unit price: C$131.49 /
C$131.49(Excl. tax)
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Metrovac Air Force Master Blaster Revolution MB-3CDSWB
Unit price: C$512.99 /
C$512.99(Excl. tax)
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Z-020 Tornador Black
Unit price: C$249.95 /
C$249.95(Excl. tax)
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Mytee 8400DX Mytee Dry Upholstery Tool
Unit price: C$424.99 /
C$424.99(Excl. tax)
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ZV-200 Tornador Velocity Vac
Unit price: C$81.00 /
C$81.00(Excl. tax)
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Metrovac Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryer B3-CD
Unit price: C$337.48 /
C$337.48(Excl. tax)
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Z-010 Tornador Classic
Unit price: C$129.95 /
C$129.95(Excl. tax)
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ZV-240 Velocity Vac Dry
Unit price: C$194.99 /
C$194.99(Excl. tax)
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Z-014 Tornador Air Blow Tool
Unit price: C$64.79 /
C$64.79(Excl. tax)
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Mytee 3601 System Maintainer
Unit price: C$10.95 /
C$10.95(Excl. tax)
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Metrovac 30' Hose for Master Blaster - MVC-56MB-30 Metrovac
Unit price: C$106.65 /
C$106.65(Excl. tax)
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