BUF505 - TORQ TORQ15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher

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Product information

TORQ TORQ15DA 15mm Throw Random Orbital Polisher

Why Buy This Product?

  • Fast correcting with ultra-long 15mm throw
  • Powerful 900w motor easily removes scratches, swirls, and defects from paint
  • Ergonomic design for a fatigue-free experience
  • Four digit digital display for ultimate precision and consistency
  • Built-in safety features minimize the risk of burning paint
  • Equipped with 5" Backing Plage
  • Lightweight construction with vibration reduction technology
  • Wide 1800-5500RPM power band range
  • Streamlined Integration accepts 5 ' ', and 6 ' ' backing plates without changing any counterweights
  • Also available as a kit, TORQ15DA Random Orbital Polisher Kit

About TORQ15DA

Put the power, precision, and performance in the palm of your hand without our most innovative and easy to use polisher ever! With the all-new TORQ 15DA, removing scratches and swirls to get your paint back to a mirror-like shine becomes a fatigueless and comfortable experience for all. Whether you 're a beginner or a veteran detailer, the TORQ 15DA is the perfect machine to add to your car care arsenal to take your detailing to the next level!

Who said you can 't have everything? You 've asked for it and now it 's here! With the all-new TORQ 15DA, you can have it all in one easy-to-use dual action polisher. You wanted a longer throw... how about an extra-long 15mm? A more powerful motor? 900w, check. Ergonomic, no-fatigue design? Done!

The Next Step in Precision Polishing

The TORQ 15DA features an extra-long 15mm throw to make quick work of correcting scratches, swirls, and other imperfections. This advanced detailing machine comes equipped with an all-new four digit digital display that accurately and instantly displays your polishing speed for ultimate control and consistency. The next step in precision polishing, it 's the first time a TORQ machine has utilized a four-digit OPM display. Equipped with a versatile 5” backing plate, the 15DA comes ready-to-use to use for rapid paint correction no matter the size job. Perfect for painted surfaces, the 15DA will also accept a hook and loop carpet or upholstery brush to scrub your filthy interior. The powerful 900w motor is housed in an ergonomic and comfortable to hold durable plastic body that makes this machine a pleasure to work with for all.

The Workhorse

Everyone needs a workhorse. Like that best friend that you can always count on, the 15DA is bound to become your faithful companion on all your details with its powerful motor, comfortable shape, and long throw. Use the perfect sized 5” buffing and polishing pad, or carpet and upholstery brush to take on any job on any large, small, flat, or contoured surface. Professionals and enthusiasts can easily remove heavy swirls, scratches, and defects, apply wax, sealant, and glaze, or scrub carpets and upholstery on any size vehicle with the TORQ 15DA Random Orbital Polisher. The 15DA can be fit with 5 or 6-inch pads to detail any size vehicle and tackle any job that may come its way. Combine the TORQ 15DA with your choice of Hex-Logic pad and Chemical Guys polish for the ultimate mirror-like shine! From 1” to 10”, it can seem like finding the right pad for you is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. TORQ engineers understand your frustration and fitted the 15DA with a 5” backing plate, which is the perfect size that strikes the balance of coverage and focused cutting power.

Comfortable for Extended Details

No matter how good a machine cuts, what 's the point if it 's not comfortable to work with? TORQ engineers gave extra attention to making this machine a pleasure to work with. The 15DA has less vibration than competitors and no rattle, making the all-new machine a fatigueless experience. With the TORQ 15DA, cutting and polishing your car becomes less stressful and more enjoyable experience for all levels of detailers. The all-new TORQ 15DA features an upgraded 900w motor for fast and easy correction in the slim shape of the 10FX body that everyone knows and loves. Place one hand on the contoured handle at the base of the machine and the other on the stub protruding out of the top of the machine for precise control of the lightweight machine to effortlessly guide it exactly where you want it. Easy to hold, the 15DA feels great in your hands and makes those long polishing jobs that much easier. Designed with the user in mind, the TORQ 15DA can be held comfortably by left-handed and right-handed detailers alike.

User-Centric Controls

For the first time, a TORQ Dual Action Polisher features a four digit digital display that accurately and precisely displays your OPM speed for best results. From a low 1800 RPM for spreading to a fast 5500 RPM to quick cutting, the 15DA will display your speed instantly and accurately. Use the Up/Down buttons to select just the speed you need without any guesswork or uncertainty. The precision controls allow for a level of control and consistency throughout the car, no matter how many detailers are working on the car. Now, it 's possible for your whole team to polish the same car at the same time with consistent results and a uniform shine! With the 15DA, TORQ engineers have eliminated the trigger, saving users from the fatigue and stress of constantly squeezing a switch. The digital power management system controls the power of the machine for a smooth feel and perfect control. The 15DA features digital controls and display within thumb 's reach of the ergonomic handle for unmatched usability and effortless adjustments on the fly.

A Cool Experience

A polisher 's worst enemy is heat, that 's why TORQ engineers designed this machine to dissipate heat in the most efficient way possible. The all-new head cools the machine better than previous models, helping make this polisher one of TORQ 's safest machines ever! Now, no matter your skill level, you can achieve professional-level results while minimizing the risk of burning your paint. There are certain things you want a little crispy: your bacon, your toast, your marshmallows… but your paint isn 't one of them. The TORQ 15DA Random Orbital Polisher is designed with built-in safety features that help prevent the user from damaging or burning paintwork. The mechanical safety features stop the machine from spinning on sensitive areas like edges and dramatic contours where paint can be very thin and delicate. Want to take that next step in your detailing but afraid of a polisher or making mistakes that you won't be able to undo? Now, you can finally take that step, all while minimizing the chance of burning your paint. With the 15DA, professional level polishing results are made available to all enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Take your detailing to the next level with the all-new TORQ 15DA!

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TORQ BUF505 - TORQ TORQ15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher
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