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Vacuums and Blowers:

Efficiency is a standard that should be adopted by any detailer or enthusiast. Not only does it save money but it saves time allowing you to go further into detail on a job. A proper vacuum and blower should be in everyones car care arsenal. Take your cleaning and drying abilities to the next level with one of Chemical Guys professional grade vehicle vacuums, blowers, or vacuum/blower combos.

Car vacuums and blowers are an important part of any detailers or enthusiasts arsenal. Chemical Guys has assembled a huge selection of garage vacs , car dryers and premium blowers.  From the latest in heavy duty American made and built Metro Vac Vacuums to the customer favorite lightweight blower the Jetspeed Variable Speed Professional Blower Chemical Guys has everything you need!  

Metro Vac N Blo combines the functions of a car vacuum and a car dryer into one. Metro Vac offers  vacuums and blowers in many  sizes to suit your ever need. Car vacuums and car dryers are an essential tool for anyones arsenal.

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  Vacuums & Blowers - Are you in the market for a good car vacuum or dryer? You've come to the right place. Car vacuums and blowers

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METRO VAC MVC-213Super Extendoª Detailing Crevice Tool Tornador¨ Z-014 Air Blow Tool Chemical Guys Canada GAP_VKIT_16 - V Line Polish & Compound Kit (16 oz) V32, V34, V36, V38
Tornador¨ Z-014 Air Blow Tool
MSRP $67.43
Our Price $64.79
Tornador¨ Z-010 Classic Chemical Guys Canada SK1 - High Speed Professional Blower Tornador¨ ZV-240 Velocity-Vac Dry
Tornador¨ Z-010 Classic
MSRP $175.43
Our Price $129.95
Tornador¨ ZV-240 Velocity-Vac Dry
MSRP $215.93
Our Price $194.99
Tornador¨ Z-020 Black Chemical Guys Canada Air Force  Blaster Motorcycle Dryer B3-CD Chemical Guys Canada Mytee Dryª 8400DX
Tornador¨ Z-020 Black
MSRP $319.95
Our Price $249.95
Chemical Guys Canada Mytee Dryª 8400DX
MSRP $471.99
Our Price $424.99
Chemical Guys Canada Air Force¨ Master Blaster¨ Revolutionª MB-3CDSWB Air Force Master Blaster Revolution with 30' Hose MB-3CDSWB-30 Chemical Guys Canada EQP_S300H Mytee S-300H Tempoª Heated Extractor
Chemical Guys Canada EQP_1500 Mytee 1500 Focus Vapor Steamer Chemical Guys Canada EQP_8070 Mytee-Liteª 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor Chemical Guys Canada EQP_HP120 Mytee Grand Prixª Automotive Heated Detail Extractor