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Chemical Guys Canada WAC_118_04- JetSeal Sealant and Paint Protectant (4 oz)
Chemical Guys Canada WAC_118_04 - JetSeal Sealant and Paint Protectant (4 oz)
JetSeal (4 oz)
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Description Purchasing Info
Chemical Guys Canada WAC_118_04 - JetSeal Sealant and Paint Protectant (4 oz)
Why Buy This Product?
  • All new formulation
  • Protection against the harshest elements
  • High gloss shine
  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Improved durability
  • Also available in a 16 ounce size and gallon size

How it Works
Jet Seal is a durable paint protection sealant designed to shield your vehicles exterior from the harshest elements. Developed exclusively for the aerospace industry, Jet Seal is engineered using advanced Nano-Tech polymers that provide the ultimate level of protection. Revolutionary super polymers create a smooth finish with a brilliant shine. Jet Seal is formulated using innovative UV protection technology that protects your paintwork against fading and discoloration. Jet Seal bonds to the surface creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays. The ability to chemically bond to paintwork allows Jet Seal to produce fantastic results and a mirror shine. Jet Seal provides durable protection to paintwork, glass, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass surfaces. The secret to the durable protection of Jet Seal is Nano-Tech polymers that create a shield for the ultimate level of shine and protection. Our all-new formula features improved durability, superior shine and easier application. Experience the durable protection and brilliant shine of Chemical Guys Canada Jet Seal.

More About Jet Seal
Over several years, our development team created Jet Seal using aerospace technology taking sealant protection to the next level. Jet Seal utilizes the latest advancement is nano technology to create a protective shield over your paintwork. Chemical Guys Canada Nano-Tech polymers bond to the surface creating a sealed barrier that resists water spots, contamination, and fading. Jet Seal creates a stunning high gloss shine that enhances any color paintwork. The versatile formula works on paint, glass, wheels, and metalwork to provide protection against the harshest elements. Jet Seal is easy-to-use and lasts up to 12 months for the highest level of durability. Jet Seal is designed to protect and enhance paintwork, glass, wheels, metalwork, carbon fiber, and fiberglass surfaces. Once a layer of Jet Seal is applied to the surface, you now have durable protection and amazing shine. Our research team designed Jet Seal using space age polymers that can resist all types of weather conditions.

We reached out to detailing professionals and enthusiast around the world to test the all new Jet Seal in the harshest climates. Jet Seal ensures durable protection in the hottest deserts and coldest climates around the world. The secret to Jet Seal's amazing protection characteristics is our innovative nano-tech polymers that chemically bond to the surface for long-term durability. Jet Seal creates a super hydrophobic shield that pushes away water molecules keeping the surface free of stains and contamination. Once you apply a coat of Jet Seal, your vehicle will have more shine, longer protection, and improved durability. Jet Seal protects any car, truck, motorcycle, RV and airplane. Jet Seal is designed to create a high gloss shine that enhances all color paintworks. Apply Jet Seal to windows for crystal clear vision while driving. The advanced Jet Seal Paint Protection Sealant is formulated to protect any vehicle against the hottest summers and the coldest winters. The advanced coating technology ensures you have the worlds most durable protection.

Jet Seal is engineered for ultimate versatility. The easy-to-use formula can be applied by hand or machine to any vehicle. The innovative paint protection sealant enhances paintwork to achieve a high gloss shine. It?s amazing! Simply apply Jet Seal to provide up to 12 months of protection against UV solar rays, discoloration, contamination, and water spots. Protect and enhance any car, truck, motorcycle, RV and airplane. Jet Seal creates a super hydrophobic protective layer that repels water and stains for a brilliant shine. Designed using aerospace technology, Jet Seal takes vehicle protection into the 21st century. Discover the highest level of nano-protection in an easy-to-use paint sealant formula. Take vehicle protection to the next level with Chemical Guys
Canada Jet Seal.

Customer Feedback
Hello Chemical Guys Family,

I had the absolute pleasure and honor of being asked to detail a 2008 Cessna Skylane TC for one of my customers. It's not everyday, specially here in Maine that you get to work on something of such value. Keep in mind this is my first airplane and the first thing that came to my mind when asked was "JETSEAL!" I explained to my customer that all of CG products are cross line products and that his airplane will be in great hands and it will be the nicest looking one on the strip.

I have attached several pictures that I would like to share with you and I hope you enjoy. Every time I look at these pictures, I can't believe the reflection/shine that this plane took on.

Thanks to YOU, this customer was completely amazed at how his aircraft cameout. He kept saying, "this plane looks and feels so much better than when I bought it!" Now isn't that the name of the game? To take something that is already great and make it that much better. Chemical Guys does it AGAIN AND

Total time was just over 12 hours with detailing exterior and cleaning and conditioning the leather seats.

My process was as follows:
Drewling which I managed to keep under control, lol!
Inspect airplane for dirt, grease, bugs and fallout. The plane was in great condition which required no polishing.
Degreased landing gear, between wings and belly with Grime Reaper
Chemical Guys EcoSmart waterless detail with pod to remove dirt, bugs and very minimal fall out.
Clay wipe small portions of the plane
Porter Cable DA with 5.5 black hex logic pad
2 heavenly coats of Jetseal
CG green workhorse towels
CG Yellow/Black ribbed microfiber towels

Thank you CG,

Garrett Stephens

Xtreme Mobile Detailing
"Your Place Or Mine, I'll Make It Shine"

Customer Feedback

Dear Chemical Guys,

Here are some pics of an orange/copper color, black with blue flake Suzuki hayabusa. What the combination of Lava & Jet Seal did for this paint was jaw dropping not only for me but also the client (talk about epic shine). Top it off it had full carbon fiber rims that was one step polished with V38 an finished off with E-Zyme paste wax. One word "Gorgeous"!!!

This bike started out with a nice thorough wash with eco smart. Then followed up with the Grey (Medium) clay bar used with Luber.

Bike was a two step polish first with V36 orange Hex-Logic pad. Second phase was V38 with a Black Hex-Logic pad. Next was 1 layer of Blacklight applied with a chubby microfiber applicator pad, topped off with LAVA. Black trim was topped off with G6 which was the cherry on top. This bike is so bright and beautiful as I was doing the final wipe down and taking pictures 8 sets of neighbors stopped to look at it and commented how awesome it looked. Thanks again.

Scott Nichols
Distinct Detail

Other Sizes Available
The JetSeal
is also available in a 16 ounce size and gallon size.

Part Number
16 ounces
Flip cap
UV block
Hand application
Machine application Yes
Safe for clear coat
Safe for light color cars
Safe for dark color cars

Proudly Made in America

How To Use:
How to Use:

1. Pour a small amount onto applicator or microfiber pad and apply to entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
2. Jet Seal will bond with clean paint surfaces within 15 minutes.
3. Once removed allow 20 min. time and apply a second layer to assure even coverage.
4. If you prefer, you can apply this product with your PC or Dual Action polisher and a finishing pad.
5. Work at a speed no greater than 4.5 and do not apply pressure.
6. Use a microfiber towel to wipe down when done.

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