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Chemical Guys Canada BUFLC_BP_R_6F - FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology (6 Inch)
Chemical Guys BUFLC_BP_R_6F - FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology (6 Inch)

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flexWORKS NEW Rotary Backing Plate -WITH HYPER FLEX TECHNOLOGY 6 inch (5/8 x 11)


flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer

Say hello to flexWORKS - the new evolutionary backing plate from Chemical Guys. Much like the smart kid on campus flexWORKS keeps a low profile, 1" low profile to be exact. 


By staying thin flexWORKS does more than simply look cool when compared to fat overweight backing plates.  flexWORKS is designed to be thinner and lightweight.  Don't be fooled by its size, it's quite tough.  If you look close, it is easy to see we sent flexWORKS to the gym.  flexWORKS has an anodized aluminum 5/8 threading backbone that is though where it counts. 

flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer
flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer


By reducing weight,  the all new flexWORKS backing plate can be accurately balanced to reduce vibration while buffing.


By lowering the spine of flexWORKS backing plate we also lower the machines center of gravity closer to the surface of the paint which delivers more accurate buffing results while reducing vibration that is usually transferred to the body.


 Less vibration does a lot :

  • delivers better more accurate results

  • makes any buffer easier to manage and handle

  • reduces wear on the machine

  • greatly reduces fatigue

  • reduces wear and tear on the machine


 Did we mention that the flexWORKS backing plate is flexible?


The Chemical Guys  Evolve R4 backing Plates were a complete evolution in backing plates - the Backing Plates that adjust where you need, when you need it, the first adaptive pad that bends, flexes, adapts and adjusts. Evolve R4 backing Plates Move With You and are specifically designed to adjust, collapse, and conform to variable surfaces for easy and transitioning from flat to contoured surfaces.


The new flexWORKS backing plate adapted the same accurate flexing technology while lowering the machines center of gravity.


For years machines and pads decided for you what kind of a surface you could work on. Some pads work great on flat surfaces but not so well on curves and rounded fenders.  For years manufacturers would claim, You can't have your cake and eat it too, but what if you could? What if there was a backing plate that would take the heat for you when you get into a tough situation?



Ideal for use with all Rotary Machines using  5/8 x 11 threads: Flex L3403VRG, Flex LK603VVB, Makita 9227, Metabo PE12-175, Dewalt 849, and Hitachi SP18VA or any 5/8 x 11 threaded machines.


Double Body Hook-And-Loop- the complete family of New Backing Plates from The Chemical Guys have been reinvented and redesigned. Two separate Hook-And loop lengths and direction insures that any make, style and variation of pads: Hex-Logic, Lake Country CCS, Lake Country, MPT, and any foam or wool pad securely and safely adheres to Evolve backing plates.